Johnny Walker - Bass
A Berklee College of Music alum, Johnny started playing bass professionally at the age of 15, As an Ohio native, Johnny was indoctrinated early in the deep funky grooves of musical influences of the region, including The Ohio Players, Slave, Sunn, Zapp, Bootsy's Rubber Band, Lakeside, Midnight Starr, and many others. Since Berklee, he has spent a couple of years playing on the Las Vegas Strip, with some the best musicians at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino. Recently, he played with world renown jazz guitarist, Steve Laury, as well as with Native American Grammy nominee, Radmilla Cody. Johnny has remained active with various national and international freelance projects and plays locally with Tucson’s top bands. In 2015, Johnny joined the R. Carlos Nakai Quartet and brought his funky bass vibe to the award winning group’s worldly, eclectic style.