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Hiroshima Calling since 2008

Promoting peace and education through art and cultural exchange. There are only two cities that experienced the Atomic Bomb - Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. These two cities have offered Atomic Bomb poster exhibits to every state in the US through the end of 2008. The Arizona exhibit, “Hiroshima Calling” is sponsored by WYVEAA (World Youth Visit Exchange Association of Arizona, 501c-3) in Collaboration with local artist and musician Ken Koshio.
It is said that the uranium used to make the Atomic bomb that was dropped on Japan was taken from Native lands of Northern Arizona. It is of great historical importance for an Atomic bomb survivor to visit this place and to connect with the people of Arizona through art and culture. This exhibit provides an opportunity for our community to meet atomic bomb survivors guest speakers whose mission is to share and recognize our past while making a prayer for peace and hope for the youth of today that will carry us tomorrow. This traveling exhibit will be full of life and energy that will captivate the audience.
Check out PBS interview with Ken Koshio below promoting this year's Hiroshima Calling.
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