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KOSHIO GUMI (Japanese drumming Troupe)

Come join our community Taiko drum group Koshio Gumi.


Koshio's team is composed of children, youth and adults of all ages dedicated in coming together to share the art of Japanese percussion.


We are more than just a Taiko drum team. Our group is composed of many artistic individuals from all walks of life.


From Japan, Russia, and Belgium, to right here in Arizona; including the Hopi Nation and Sedona- we have developed a particular social community and performing ensemble. With backgrounds in the medical field and and film production; to school students and street musicians; our members bring extraordinary insights to both the ancient art form of Taiko and daily life.


In association with the non-profit organization- Ancient Sounds of Peace, and our members’ curiosity for what makes us [humans] unique and similar- a significant motivation to play Taiko exists.


For some, the traditional rhythms and vibrations of a drum feel as natural as a heartbeat. For others, Taiko and Japanese culture are exotic fascinations which we wish to immerse ourselves.


It is these combinations which have formed a camaraderie in the dojo (place of practice/discipline), among people who may unlikely not have met outside the Taiko community.


With each drum beat, it is not just Taiko that brings us together- it is our connections with families, friends, and the world that unites us.


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For our class schedule please visit our CLASSES page. See you soon!

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