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Enjoy Beautiful Taiko Drumming, for Free

Alysia Gray Painter

June 7, 2020

Japan Foundation Los Angeles presents a watch-at-home concert with singer-songwriter Ken Koshio and his son Miro.

Connecting to the spirit of a sound before you even see the instrument?

It's a moving and frequently felt experience, one that many music lovers have known.

And if you've ever walked into a festival where Taiko drumming is taking place, then you know that you can instantly connect to a particular power and beauty well in advance of seeing the drummers on stage.

Savoring that strong sound, over a free lunchtime concert, is something many fans of Taiko and other traditional Japanese instruments are longing for during these stay-at-home days.

Helping us find that marvelous music from our living rooms and dens? Japan Foundation Los Angeles, which is presenting a complimentary concert each Monday at 12:30 p.m. via JFLA Facebook Live!

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