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Sakura No Ne since 2012

This magical theatre play Sakura no Ne (Root of the Cherry Tree) is a state production that brings to life the intriguing story of two every day kids and their unexpected relationship with an older Japanese gentleman gardener. Initially viewed as an un-welcomed introduction to Japanese arts, culture, and activities, the kids find themselves willingly learning the importance of understanding the difference between self-confidence and selfishness. In recognition of the Centennial of the Gift of Cherry Trees to America, you will be taken on an amazing journey that features spectacular footage of the Garden, on a wondrous journey to realize the genuine beauty that is found within each one of....all without leaving your seat!
If you are interested in sponsoring a performance of Sakura no Ne in your area, please contact Ken.
Dig more! http://kenkoshio.blogspot.com/2008/10/sakuranone.html
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